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WireTap Detection (Anti Spy)

The application that tells you if the person you are calling records your calls

WireTap Detection (Anti Spy)
WireTap Detection (Anti Spy)
We all know what a recorded call means, evidence that may involve you in disasters, and it may even lead to imprisonment because of the words you said, and it may be used to blackmail women in particular.

This application is considered a safeguard, and alerts if the person you are talking to is recording your voice, so that you can pay attention to your words.

Are you worried that someone might be tapping your phone? Make sure no one is using your phone and eavesdropping!

There may be apps planted on your device that have the ability to listen to your phone calls or make sound recordings from the microphone, and send them over the Internet to an anonymous receiver without your knowledge or consent! This app protects you from all of this.

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