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30 Day Fitness Challenge

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30 Day Fitness Challenge
30 Day Fitness Challenge
Home-based exercises, suitable for anyone at any time, are specially designed by professional fitness trainers, and a 30-day fitness challenge helps improve fitness and health on a scientific basis.


Fitness exercises
The workout plan follows proven fitness rules, so the 30-day fitness challenge gradually increases the intensity of exercise so you can continue your workout daily and the 30-day fitness challenge will help you achieve high fitness and effective weight loss.

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Fitness Challenge app features
- Record the progress of training automatically
- Remind you to take challenges every day
- Live video guide
- Increase the intensity of the exercise step by step
- 30-day ABS challenge
-30 Day Full Body Challenge
- 30-day butt challenge
- Share with your friends on social media.

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There are benefit sharing, butt and full-body challenges in the app, each divided into three levels of beginners and professionals will find the right workouts for yourselves.
Start doing a 30-day challenge now, and after 30 days, you may find that not only physical conditions, but also changed your emotional and intellectual circumstances, it is the perfect program for sport and to help you slim and build muscle.
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