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Android system repair

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Android system repair
Android system repair


Your mobile phone started working very slowly?
Memory is completely full and apps don't want to work properly?
The temperature of your device is going up dramatically?
I started thinking if you need a new device, but you can't buy a new device?!
You can solve these problems easily and absolutely.
With the help of a new portable repair system, you'll get ten jobs.

download app android

The application is completely improved
☑️ Fix Bugs :
1- App Info.
2- Battery Saver.
3- Empty Folders and Add new Function Remove all Empty Files.
4- Repair System Function.
5- Cpu Cooler.
☑️ Optimize code and clean duplicate functions.
☑️ Speed up app 3X.
☑️ update functions cpu cooler and add more options.
☑️ Correct language errors.

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