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AppLock - Smart App Protection


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★ the stylish, slower, and more professional App Lock - Smart AppLock tool.
- Open with fingerprint (Samsung or Android 6.0 devices).
Smart AppLock is a tool to secure the apps you want to secure, and to protect against privacy leaks!
It is the best tool to protect privacy and secure applications!


AppLock offers you the following possibilities
☆ Privacy Insurance - Secure apps that contain special content, such as photos, videos (gallery), SMS (text or multimedia) and call logs.
☆ Secure Apps - Secure Social Media Service (SNS) apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter
☆ Secure incoming calls
☆ Lock Settings - Lock system settings and install/uninstall apps to keep your phone from being tampered with by others or children
☆ Secure Markets - Secure games and markets to prevent children from addicting games or buying from markets without your knowledge.


Special features for appLock tool:
• Hide the lock screen to prevent password penetration
• Protect applications with multiple types of insurance, such as style, PIN and password insurance
• Using the AppLock home screen widget, lock status can be switched with one click
• A dedicated lock screen style, a dedicated background for the lock screen
• Lighter, less energy consumption and memory use
• We recommend that you secure relevant applications in a smart way, privacy has never been as secure as this before
• A great user interface that's easy to use
• Auto-start is not delayed after the device is restarted
• Secure recent archives, prevent app screenshot leaks
• Hide and encrypt photos and videos with GalleryVault
• Run app secure in AppLock without a password
• Hack alerts: Take a picture when someone tries to access a secure app with an invalid password
• DelayLock: After you unlock any app, no password is required during the delay time
gerprint insurance cancelled
When you set up your password/style the first time, AppLock will ask you to set up a password recovery method: "Security Question".
To recover your password, click "Have you forgotten?" button to show the password restore board.

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