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Buttocks Workout Hips

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Buttocks Workout Hips
Buttocks Workout Hips
You're still waiting for next summer to train your buttocks and legs? Start now to feel positive changes in your body after a few weeks, be proud of yourself!

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The proper shape during exercise is the most important aspect of the process of forming consistent legs and tight buttocks and exercises usually need to target three groups of main muscles - buttocks, thighs and leg muscles.


Buttocks & Legs gives you a new way to exercise: a 30-day systematic exercise plan - it's more effective but doesn't require any equipment.
You can easily do this at home or anywhere, anytime, only 10 minutes each day.
The app offers you animations and video instructions for each workout, so you can make sure you use the right shape during each exercise.
Stick to our exercises, and you'll see a noticeable change in the shape of your buttocks and legs in a few weeks.

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The features of applying exercises of buttocks and legs
- Different exercises every day
- Increase the intensity of the exercise step by step
- Trainer tips in each exercise help you use the right shape to get better results.
- No need for equipment, exercise depends on your body weight
- Trackweight weight loss
- Calculating calories burned
- Animation and guidance video
- Reminders of exercise schedules
-Exercises are suitable for everyone, beginners and professionals alike.

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