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A deadly virus is spreading all over the world that produces a human mutation and threatens our intelligence with extinction, and now the survivors of this plague have joined the global resistance and must fight this unstoppable human infection with all that they have.
Get ready to attack: It's time for you to go up and fight to survive your zombie apocalypse in this first-person zombie-fighting zombie heart-stopping shooter!

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Choose from a crazy arsenal of sniper stun gun combat snipers and fire against the evil undead invasion in terrifying environments around the world!
• Battle your way through ten areas and plan a strategy for 33 different battlefields, this FPS zombie shooting shot is full of action disaster!
• Become a zombie shooter with 50 types of weapons, sharpen your sniper shooting skills and take out each dead zombie with a bullet in the dead head!
• Dive into action with over 600 action war scenarios game thrillers, including Solo Campaign, Global Mission, complete the achievements of sniper FPS Sniper in this survival battle against army death squad!
• Learn the tactics of the military team to fight in a zombie apocalypse battlefield!


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Explore diverse locations, shoot and kill undead horror in survival environments with different sniper rifles.
FPS Sniper Strategy Shooting Disaster
• Brutal zombie opponents - Some easily killed zombie killing slayings may be an easy sniper target for attack, but you'll need more than one shot for a huge group of dead bosses.
• Awesome FPS sniper sniper gun weapons to fight injustice, your mission is to survive this apocalyptic!
• Develop a zombie shooter time story - join the global resistance against zombies and adjust to stay abreast with the evolution of the global game, where the actions of each single battle can directly affect the tide of war, survive and untalented as far as you can zombie rival excitement!

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Sniper tons of zombie features
• FPS Quiz - Get ready for some action in our sniper shooting battlefield thriller! Go to war with players from all over the world in the sniper arena!
• Choose between a touch-control targeting system, improved virtual control for soldiers to stay on load or game soldiers.
• Explore your personal hideout and meet scientists and engineers, they will help attack in the invasion of survival as you unlock amazing weapons and tools.
Are you ready to stand up to these killers on foot and fight to survive your own in this first shooter person?

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