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Fitness & Bodybuilding

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Fitness & Bodybuilding
Fitness & Bodybuilding
Fitness and Bodybuilding is a professional application that offers integrated training plans for bodybuilding, fitness and weight lifting.
The easy-to-use interface allows everyone to take full advantage of exercise by training the most important muscle groups, enjoy impressive results and use the fitness and bodybuilding training app wherever you want at your convenience.

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Features of fitness training and bodybuilding 
Video-supported exercises for each exercise;
A list of the most effective exercises for each muscle group;
- Text instructions with pictures of each exercise;
- A database of exercise with new exercises added after each update;

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The ability to save and follow up on your weight and the number of iterations for each exercise performed;
- Exercises come with explanations on the muscles that are exercised;
Interactive graphics to deliver your performance, weight and repetition suppositions;
The possibility of keeping the history of the exercises performed;
Integrated temporary;
- A built-in calendar that automatically identifies your training days;
The possibility of creating customized training plans and adding images;
- The possibility of selecting units of measurement (kg or lb).
The basic features of fitness training and bodybuilding are:
The possibility of creating your own exercises;
The possibility of choosing between different training plans for two days, three or four days a week;
- Basic exercises along with advanced exercises to develop specific muscle groups.


The best fitness training and bodybuilding application
Custom training plans allow:
The establishment of training;
Determine your training plan in days;
Add your own exercises;
- Arrange your exercises as you like.
Fitness training and bodybuilding is your personal trainer to train your major muscle groups such as chest, shoulders, back, biheaded, triheaded, forearm, abdomen, legs, calf muscles and many more.

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