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If you are looking for a free application to practice yoga to restore your fitness and weight loss at home this app is perfect for you.
Using this app will help you relieve stress, get flexible and calm your mind.
Contains many stops or exercises and you should do it daily to create a flexible and strong body.


Yoga helps you look and feel younger than your age and improve your athletic performance. 
Doing yoga workout will make you feel stronger and healthier, improve energy and control weight, working out benefits every part of the body. Total full body fitness workers train full body yoga with record.

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We developed the best yoga poses to make your body feel good with exercises that will improve fat burning workouts at home and gym. Beginner workouts and advanced training courses are selected by experts so you can find the perfect daily yoga routine exercise according to your needs. Improve basic modes and help correct alignment.

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Features of daily yoga application
• Full video view
• Description of the details of each exercise
• Timer countdown on each exercise
• Rest between each exercise
• Voice help
• Translated in all major languages
• Seven-minute workout routine.

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