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Gadgets is the most useful and useful app that offers more than 20 tools such as flash light, compass, ruler, calculator, speedometer, audio meter, stopwatch etc..

Application of smart gadgets

The gadget is used in built-in sensors from the device and provide the most accurate measurements and comes in handy for a wide range of student users and engineering professionals.
Gadget is an all-in-one application, using this app will save you a lot of device memory, time and effort.

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Best Features of Tool application 
✓ Flash light

* The LED flash light from your device turns into a super bright and handy light torch

✓ QR code and barcode scanner

* Fastest and smartest clickand barcode reader on products

✓ Compass

* Accurate and accurate professional compass with great design.

* Works with built-in sensor

* Incredibly smooth movements

✓ Scientific Calculator

* Basic and advanced scientific and mathematical functions

* Material design theme

✓ Ruler

* Built in ruler to measure small objects

✓ Volume

* Measure the volume decibel with extreme accuracy

✓ Speedometer

* Your phone turns into a digital speedometer and odometer.

✓ Text to speech

* Turn the written entry into a clear and audible speech

✓ Pedometer

* Built-in real-time pedometer as well as manual recording of steps

* Calories, walking speed, and distance are calculated in real time

✓ World Time and Time Zone

* Time displays from more than 200 cities in real time

* Calculate the time difference between any city

✓ Fuel efficiency

* Calculate fuel efficiency, gas price and mileage

✓ Other facilities

* Age and History Calculator

* Device battery status

* Counter

* Shoe size conversion

* Cooking units measuring

* Base conversion number.

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