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LOCKit- Lock for Apps

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LOCKit- Lock for Apps
LOCKit- Lock for Apps
App Lock offers complete privacy protection as it offers a lock for apps, a photo and video store, a selfie of intruders, features, a copycat cover, a fingerprint lock, security reminders, and more privacy protection.

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Lock the most secure apps
★ choose app lock, don't risk your private photos, hidden videos or photo albums in dishonest hands or deleted!
★ choose lock apps, no need to worry about your friends borrowing your phone to play games.
★ choose app lock, your colleagues can't block your privacy on your phone anymore.
★ choose to lock apps, never worry about other apps reading your private data.
★ choose to lock apps, kids can't change your phone setting and tamper with your data.


App Lock Features
* App Lock: Lock apps with special content using your PIN, style, or fingerprint.
* Secure photo store: Lightest photos. Don't worry about sharing your private photos with others.
* Secure video store: The lightest video is the most secure video store.
* Privacy Status: Smart privacy protection can check your privacy status, protect all your secrets in real time.
* Spam: Prevent hackers trying to unlock your apps
* Fake cover, camouflage the unlock screen of your apps to prevent your password from being hacked.
* Notification Cleaner: Block and clean off non-important notifications.
* Notification lock: Hide the text preview of the notification message from hackers.
* Free features: More free features that make your lock screen beautiful
* App Lock: Lock Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Line, Gallery, Camera, Gmail, and Skype.
* System Lock: Lock system settings, install/uninstall apps to keep your phone from messing with others or children.
* Google Play Store Lock: Lock games and markets to prevent your kids from playing games or buying in the markets without your knowledge.
* Lock incoming call: Prevent your girlfriend from picking up private phone calls
* Notification bar: Add a notification bar to your screen, lock or quickunlock apps and more privacy protection information.
* Hide the pattern track and be hidden: unlock more securely.
* Set random numbers as a keyboard PIN: Unlock more securely.
* LoCKit uninstallcan be prevented
* Close new apps
* Minimal resources used: Now LOCKit is faster and lighter than before, the small package size allows us to minimize RAM usage.
* User interface graphical easy to use and user-friendly
* Supports languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Persian, Malaysian, Thai, Hindi, and Bengali.

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How to use a fingerprint lock
Fingerprint lock only supports Android 6.0+ and requires support for physical components to recognize your fingerprint and if your device supports fingerprint recognition, you can enable fingerprint lock in settings.
How can LOCKit be protected from uninstalling by other people?
Please log on the settings on the home page in the top right corner, and then enable "Prevent uninstalling" in LOCKit settings, so that no one can uninstall or stop LOCKit without a password.
You can disable "Prevent uninstall" in settings, when you want to.
* This app uses accessibility services.
* For new users, please follow the instructions and permission permission supremo to LOCKit to work.

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