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Metal Detector

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Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Metal detector is a tool in the third set of "smart gadgets" (metal detector) sets, ghost detector.
This app measures the value of the magnetic field to find metals using the magnetic sensors built inside your device. 
The level of magnetic field (EMF) in nature is about 49μT (small Tesla) or 490mG (ml gauss);
If there is any metal in the area, the strength of the magnetic field should increase.


Sometimes, this app is used to find electrical wires in the walls (such as a screw finder) and iron pipes in the ground.
Features of metal detector application
Simple use: Open this app on your device, move it around and then the level of the magnetic field will fluctuate constantly.
There were a lot of hunters who carried this app, and they have experimented as a ghost detector (or iron).
The accuracy of the application depends entirely on your device's sensors. 

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Note that magnetic sensors are affected by electronic equipment such as (TVs, computers, etc.) due to electromagnetic waves.
If this app isn't working properly, it may mean that your phone's sensors are damaged, broken, or non-existent.
To configure the sensor, point your phone towards the sky and move it in pattern #8.
A flash, a display cover with a magnet or a leather bag with a magnetic hijacker can cause unwanted results (in short, remove the mobile home if it has a magnet in it).
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