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ng Paint

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ng Paint
ng Paint
ng Drawing is a simple application you can use to create drawings on an empty drawing space or in existing images, you can use several different tools to draw in paint.
The paint tool you use, the color, and the size of the pen that you select determine how the font appears in the drawing.

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Features ng Drawing
Color Picker
Use the picker color tool to set the background color of the current pen or cloth. By choosing a color from the palette, you can be sure that you use the color you want when drawing in paint, so that your colors match.
Fill in the background color.
Use a fill-with-color tool to fill the full background of the color drawing area.
Erase part of a picture
Use a tool of different sizes to erase graphic spaces.
Save a picture
Click the Save button to save your photos in the gallery.
Step back from the procedure
If you make a mistake while editing an image, you can undo the error as long as you do
Share your drawing
Share your graphics by clicking the share drawing button.

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