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PaperDraw is an excellent drawing application by imitating the real brush to draw.
Whether you're on a flight, staying alone, at the party or just want to waste time on the plane, Paperone is the best app that you can draw in your phone or tablet.


Great drawing tools!
★ the handwriting signature in the pen after the drawing is finished
there are ★ many tools that imitate the real painter, the ruler and the eraser for you.
★ sections in the picture.
★ drawing in the picture.

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Enjoy the drawing time!
A painting application that is easy to help you show yourself.
The baseline map helps you learn to draw in the straight path.
Choose an image like a foundation map and set up for transparent. Draw it!
Cleverly sizing under the ant.
Experience drawing, and use the tools to color it!
Finish drawing and share it online, showing it!

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