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PicsArt Color

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PicsArt Color
PicsArt Color
With PicsArt Color, stunning digital graphics are much easier and cooler than ever.
PicsArt Color offers a complete graphic collection with stunning performance shaping up for novice and professional users. Layered on layers, color blendfor any color mix you can imagine, two fully adjustable color brushes, a unique and consistent drawing feature and an amazing brush formula are some of the new creative features at your fingertips (or your pencil). 

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Put doodle drawings on your selfie, paint breathtaking worlds or some pictures - "colors" are for everyone! An intuitive interface that lets you spend more time drawing amazing things instead of looking at other things, from sketchto fully painted drawings, PicsArt Color is the digital drawing app you need now more than ever.

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PicsArt Color Features 
- Symmetric drawing with pivot rotation
- Brush texture - I draw not only in colors but also in touch!
- Fill color and pattern
- A full library of customizable mattresses
- Coloring wheel, mix and match any color you want
- Multiple layers
- Blending positions
- Text tool that allows drawing and scanning with text
- Retrieval-automated so you don't lose any of your drawings
Much more is available for free and without annoying ads!

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