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Remove system applications

Root needed application remover

Remove system applications
Remove system applications


We not only offer system application removal, but also remove the installation of user applications, detect/install/delete Apk files in memory, instructions about root.

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Compared to other similar products, system application remover:

1- Security, we filter for all applications that may cause instability in the system, hundreds of devices have been tested, so you can use it safely, but we can not be 100% sure of safety because manufacturers have changed a lot and also, we copy all applications that you remove automatically so you can restore them in the trash whenever you need them.
2- Clarity, we classify all system applications as follows: [can be removed], [must be retained], [basic module] (such as Google service, multimedia messages, camera, phone, contact for), so that you can choose which applications to clearly remove.
3- Ease, we offer you a way to uninstall multiple applications simultaneously, making it easy for you.
4- small size, we release memory when you exit the application, and this application may be smaller.

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