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Speechnotes - Speech To Text

convert speech into text

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Speech To Text
Makes life easy - no more struggling to write down short or long textsUnlike other voice-typing apps, Speechnotes does not stop listening when you take a break to breath or think, Incorporates a built-in keyboard so you can enjoy the ease of dictation for words and ease of tapping for punctuation & symbols.
Designed to make writing fast and easy, Featured on Gizmo's, GeekTime & more.

audio to text convertor

The following features make Speechnotes a powerful speech-enabled notepad, designed to empower your ideas and creativity:
- Quick timestamps, use the following codes for the f1-f10 keys, to have a one-tap stamping of current date and or time:
 - for full date & time
 - for date
 - for clock only, ie hours:minutes:seconds.

audio into text

- Write short or long texts easily. Dictate hands free for hours! Unlike other apps, Speechnotes will not stop even when you take longer breaks between sentences.
- Accurate. Most accurate. Incorporates Google's speech recognition service.
- Fast, simple & light. Great for regular text notes too, as it's a super simple & reliable notepad. Battle-tested for years.
- Supports offline (though better performance when connected)
- Reduces typos & spelling errors
- Share, export & print in one tap
- Auto capitalization & spacing
- Auto saves on every change + drive backup - never lose your work
- Edit text ,while still in dictation mode - no need to stop and restart
- Simultaneous voice-typing for words with keyboard for punctuation, symbols & emojis
- Light weight. App is only ±4MB. Notes are saved as plain txt files.
- Widget for one-click to transcribe. No need to open the app when you have a thought you need to write down.
- Keeps phone awake when transcribing so you can focus on your thoughts
- Recognizes many verbal commands for punctuation, new line, etc.
- 10 editable cheat keys that 'stamp' (insert) any text you want. Great for standard texts, phrases, address, email, greetings, professional hard terms, that you use a lot. Instead of re-typing them every time - one tap - and its there.
- Free for unlimited speech with just a small-non disturbing ad banner. Premium is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you upgraded and would like a refund within the first month please send us the order ID (you get it in an email after purchase, usually starts with 'GPA.33...') with 'refund' title to '' and we'll refund immediately without questions.

turn speech into text

A Free Alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking, If you need to dictate texts, you will find Speechnotes not only cheaper, but perhaps even a better speech to text solution for you.

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