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What is Android One ?

Android One

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What is Android One

Word spread fast about its excellent reputation. Many persons ask questions about Android One.
Android One is a software overlay developed by Google, the main idea is to deliver the latest versions of Android to entry-level phones  for emerging markets such as India and other countries, in short, users in these countries do not have enough money to buy modern phones every year and therefore do not have the opportunity to experience the new versions of Android.

android 1 engagement

There are some companies engaged in this project.

Manufacturers followed Android One ;) :

There are many major companies, including
Acer – Airtel – Asus – HTC – Lenovo – Mediatek – Micromax – Lava – Intex.
And for the rest of the companies you can see the whole part on the official website of Android One.

Information about the system Android One

Devices are approved by Google, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) agree to these requirements:
  • Has Android OS updates for two years.
  • Has regular security patch updates for three years.
  • Has stock Android UI.
  • Google services intact.
Android One has these features:
  • Minimal amount of bloatware.
  • Extras like Google Play Protect and Google malware-scanning security suite.
  • Android One phones prioritize background activity for the most important apps to reduce power usage.
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