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Zombie Beyond Terror

 Zombie Beyond Teror: Survival and Shooting Game

Zombie Beyond Terror
Zombie Beyond Terror


A failed experiment has led to the emergence of deadly zombies that have swept the Entire United States, as an elite soldier, you have to kill all the deadly monsters to survive. Complete the tasks, equip your weapons, become the main sniper, test yourself against miraculous enemies in the most powerful heroic shooting game!

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Zombie Beyond Terror Features
- Over 15 excellent deadly weapons at your disposal!
- Automatic towers for upgrade!
- Very brutal characters to kill!
- Hordes of living zombies around the world!
- A huge arsenal of fighting weapons!
- Dozens of achievements and combat missions!
Experience 3D to shoot at zombies!
Some doors have to be locked.

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Zombie Beyond Terror is a shooting game where you can kill zombies with epic weapons! As one of the elite commandos, you are prepared to deal with the extremes of advanced combat beyond enemy boundaries. As you are trained to shoot modern weapons and sniper weapons, you are the best sniper among your brothers in arms, but nothing can prepare you for the unimaginable horror of the constant chronocystry caused by a secret weapon hidden in an isolated military base.
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