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A book for women only


A book for women only.
A book for women only.
Topics of interest to women, especially those coming to marry to enjoy a good marital relationship with their partner.

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For every girl who is ready to marry there are important things that it is necessary to know and learn them and also to meet them well, of course mama will tell you you should learn this cooking is the most important thing and also washing and cleaning because this marriage is.

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I am telling you no this is not marriage, mom has the right and necessary to learn to work the house because the house will be your responsibility but the work of the house is not the most important thing the art of dealing with the man is the most important which will make your husband happy with you with evidence that there are many very good ladies in the medical and house work but their husbands do not feel happy with them and always do not want to be at home and they never prefer to be at home and spend time with his friends or his mother and sisters important what is the art of dealing with them and always not be away from home Man?

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