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A legitimate rape novel.

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A legitimate rape novel.
A legitimate rape novel.
When the forces come together and the money is drained to silence a free pen, When freedoms are violated and homelands are raped when the truth is killed and we seek to uphold falsehood, Innocence is killed before it is born for flimsy reasons and distorted laws, Our answer is silence for all that we suffer from injustice, To make him a legitimate rape.

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She took up to find herself as she is on a couch in the corner of the room and despite the beauty of the place and the paper decorations and its capacity, but she feels that it is narrower than the neck of the bottle she feels that the walls of the room apply her breath to feel a terrible suffocation wish that all that happened last night is a nightmare no more and return again to her simple room which was a witness to her childhood and dreams and collapsed in tears and she remembers everything that happened and her heart increases her hatred for this rapist who has spent all her dreams seeing from this? What's her story? The end of our goal is clean hearts that are pure about pain, hiding from obedience, patient and capable and strong daughters of their hearts for halal, but all of them are love and tender youth for haram, their eyes are closed and protected, waiting for my wife, and I will dream of it thinking that she is waiting for my wife and I will feel the idea of inviting the guys and all the people to chastity Purity is an invitation to halal love to be on the morals of Our Lord Joseph and Our Lady Mary - peace be upon them our society...... Our schools .... Our university ..... Streets........ It became places to break the hearts of girls behind the illusions of alleged love, young men and girls waste the pleasure of halal love because of the precedents of love before marriage.

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