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Body memory


Body memory
Body memory
Critics regarded it as the most important work of fiction published in the Arab world in the last 10 years, and because of its successes the tornadoes were raised around it, making it the most famous and controversial novel.

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For several years, it has been the best-selling novel according to the statistics of Arab book fairs (Beirut Gallery, Amman, Syria, Tunisia, Sharjah).
The novel has published a number of university studies and theses across the Arab world at the universities of Jordan, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Marseille and Bahrain.

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The novel revolves around a painter named "Khaled Ben Tubal" who lost his arm during the war, falls in love with a beautiful girl named Hayat, the daughter of an Algerian militant who was a friend of Khaled during the liberation revolution, but her father was killed during the great liberation war against the French colonization of Algeria, but she falls in love with him without acknowledging it, and with the appearance of a friend named Ziad, a militant in the Palestinian revolution, the events between them (Khaled and Hayat), but in the end she faces the traditions of her society and marries with a big personality. With huge influence in the Algerian government, this marriage and other compelling circumstances from which Khaled is going through will cause a total breakdown of his life.

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