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Kegar's complete novel


Kegar's complete novel
Kegar's complete novel
A small flower that was taken from its soil and opened in another land that is not worthy of its splendor. She tried to cling to life.
She grew thorns, painted the color of doom, hid her nectar in isolation, fearing the long-time times, and the medicine was impossible, and the thorns cut her, and she followed the path of a prophecy written with blood drops.

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The writer in Kigar draws us into the world of slums, weaves the events of her novel from the oppression, pain and suffering of a marginalized group of Egyptians, and then broke into the walls of constructed walls, and showed us the unjust laws, and violations of the inviolability of the inmates of these institutions, and the events of her novel are woven by the threads of the Western Sahara sun, which shines every morning on the lost paradise of Egypt in an atmosphere of excitement, mystery and suspense.

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The author succeeded in blending truth and fiction, classical and colloquial, and her novel in the seas of human warmth and authentic feelings, in a mix that we expect to have a dazzling human effect, which will surely leave a distinctive imprint in the same reader.

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