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The Art of Seduction

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The Art of Seduction
The Art of Seduction
The Art of Seduction – Robert Green's "The Art of Seduction" does not require to be devised, invented or created, but to discover what exists in the first place, the difference between the seducing and the non-seducing, such as the difference between diamonds and coal, both of which are made up of the same material, carbon atoms, but the diamonds have evolved differently from coal and crystallized.

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Features of the Book of The Art of Seduction
This book will help you rearrange your psychological components and perform this crystallization process, so that you can decorate with diamonds and clear the dust and coal, seduction like gravity: we all submit to its influence and act according to its law, we realize it or not, and so all of us Heavenly objects swimming in the space of seduction: from us bright stars or stalas, from us suns, from us planets, from us, moons, meteors and meteorites, and no star dies except to generate another and the sun is extinguished only to light up another, and who are you from this wonderful system? This is what this book will help you discover in order to enjoy what nature has loved and to be at the forefront.


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Get what you want by manipulating everyone's great weakness: the desire for pleasure, seduction is the most subtle, evasive and effective form of power, it's evident in John F.'s control. Kennedy on the masses his clarity in the power of Cleopatra over Anthony.

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Summary of the Book of The Art of Seduction
The author of How to Hold Power: Forty-Eight Bases Leads You to The Best Sales has written a guide combining seduction literature from Freud to Kerr Kegard, From Ovid to Casanova, to mastered strategies. With stories of success and failure of characters throughout history, Once again Robert Green defines the timeless laws of the eternal seduction game that falls outside the scope of good and evil, reveals how to cast the spell on the target, break his resistance and eventually force him to surrender. "The Art of Seduction" takes us through the characters and characteristics of the 10 main styles of seduction (including the nymph, the perfect lover, the gandor, the natural, the charismatic and the star) and through the twenty-four exercises through which anyone can overcome the resistance of the useless victim in the face of the practice of this destructive and destructive form of art, each part of this book is as substantial as each of the 48 power laws... "Seduction" is an indispensable book of persuasion, which shows one of the greatest weapons in history and the absolute form of power.

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