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The Devil's Book Rules

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The Devil's Book Rules
The Devil's Book Rules 
Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud has a huge amount of ideas that are spread across all aspects of social, cultural, political and artistic life.


It is stopped by common phenomena that carry the seeds of corruption and speaks of various topics and, rather, about various concerns sweeping the world, in an attempt to raise more awareness, more understanding and awareness of what is going on in the world, and to get as far as possible to find out the facts and intentions behind these common events and phenomena, twenty articles have been put in this book and the rest will be added to other books.

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The advantages of the Book of Satan is governed by Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud
- Easy to search by word or page number
- The possibility of zooming in and out of the line as needed
- An index containing all the topics of the book
- Page tabs
- Super speed in moving between pages and topics
- There are no advertisements that are filled with morality and religion
- The possibility of resuming reading from the same page later.

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