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Antivirus & Applock

Antivirus & Virus Cleaner, Lock Apps

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Antivirus & Applock
Android is always the place where hackers are looking to attack and steal your money and data.... Antivirus & Applock apps protect your phone from threats and antivirus systems in one plac 

Best Protection Apps 2020

Antivirus & Applock is a security center that provides comprehensive protection for your phone when it helps you avoid viruses, trojans and malware. Detects all risks, viruses, spyware, and dangerous applications to protect your personal information from theft, spam, and virus removal for Android. Anti-Virus Remover for Android, Android Virus Remover and Cleaner.

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Antivirus & Applock has a real-time protection mechanism that helps protect your phone comprehensively wherever you are, the Virus Cleaner for Android. Look for viruses and malware in all applications and files in the system, and block and remove viruses and message programs after installing malicious applications. Anti-virus for android phones for free, anti-virus for android, anti-virus security center.

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The app can lock all apps on your Android device and protect privacy with PIN lock, style, and fingerprint. Help you protect your apps don't be afraid of others who are looking like: Facebook, Virus Remover, Line, Whatsapp or Wechat.... Lock apps with a finger
Speed up the phone's performance:
Clean up memory (RAM) and improve phone speed, and phone booster speed by eliminating redundant background tasks. One Touch Speed speeds up your phone by releasing RAM and RAM, speeding up your phone and enhancing your phone.
Cleaning and cleaning for Android:
Help analyze all log files, temporary files, history files, and AD files, and then suggest cleaning up useless non-important files to help you free up storage space and improve mobile phone performance. Clean up the caches of clean garbage files, and the unwanted cleanliness of the Android phone.
Cooling phone:
Cooling the entire machine: CPU solution, GPU temperature, cooling battery, CPU cooler for Android. Monitor the temperature in real time, analyze the condition of the device, and alert as soon as the device is very hot. This function can control and cool the CPU to help you play games without worry, the phone cooling app for Android!
Secure Wi-Fi connection:
The application helps protect your Wi-Fi network from hacker attacks. A free, fast and integrated wi-fi network management tool.

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✔ scan junk and free memory space
✔ speedup improves phone performance
Set smaller set
✔ antivirus booster and cleaner, virus remover for Android and Trojan virus remover for Android.
✔ virus remover and hackers for free with the app to remove the virus.
Free real-time antivirus, malware and virus remover
App best anti-virus application for Android system, virus cleaner for Android system, malware remover.
✔ the best antivirus software, malware removal, virus removal and malware for Android
✔ anti-adware for free Android phones, anti-malware and spyware for Android.
Comprehensive phone real-time phone protection
✔ save the battery and increase battery life.
✔ overload compartment, showing the shipping condition when shipping.
✔ scan apps, games and files in real time
✔ enhanced RAM enhancer, RAM cleaner speed booster
✔ cleaning cache file and viruses, optimizing cleaning and phone enhancement
✔ applock fingerprint and password, app cabinet with password of style, applock fingerprint ..
✔ cool the phone temperature, cool the phone down, cool the phone's temperature.

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