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Kine Root Checker‏

 Kine Root Checker application for root powers

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Kine Root Checker‏
Kine Root Checker is an application that allows rote powers with a single click on the devices we want that can be used even on Lollipop devices specifically from version 4.2.2 to 5.1.
Getting root powers is one of the processes that most people are looking for to make the most of our Android devices despite the risks it can entail.
However, every day we try to get safer and easier ways for users.
The process is simple although we note that the application is in Chinese.

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Download the app directly on to the device from here (version 4.0)
1- Install the application by agreeing to some terms and conditions and powers
3- Wait a little until you know and check your device whether it will support it or not 
4- Then press the button 
5- Finally you will see a window that means that the operation was carried out peacefully
To be sure, download root checker and press the Root Verification button, and then you will see a screen as in the picture telling you that the root is activated by your device.

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