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Apply audio converter to text

Audio-to-text converter

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 Apply audio converter to text
There are many programs and websites that help you convert an audio file to written text however there are times when you need to convert an audio file to audio to Text on your phone and here you need to apply the audio adapter to text that does this and it is available on Google Play and the new Android1-web store.

An application that converts speech into written text

Apply the audio converter to the texts of long conversationwriting, articles, memos, letters and research without bothering to write and search for characters in the keyboard as soon as you talk is written behind you and the author's job in converting speech into text.

Application converting speech to text

- The application converts voice conversation, speech and audio into written texts, which helps in writing articles, scientific research, publications and messages faster and simpler
- The application contains most of the world languages and different dialects for each language so that voice speech is converted into properly written text without mistakes. So you can write an article in it in more than one language.
- The app contains more than one type of line you can choose the right font for you
- The application also contains the possibility of zooming in on the font and copying the text or sending it after it has been written. The text is also automatically saved when you exit the application to return to it at any time and complete it or modify it
- A unique design that helps you write your articles and messages seamlessly
- The ability to edit texts quickly, comfortably and in more ways than one
- The possibility of converting text into words for the deaf and dumb
- A word counter to determine the number of words written if you have an article or messages from the number of specific words
- Save texts in files that can be edited at any time or can be sent and shared for editing with wordpress programs or any text editor
- Reserved texts to save you time, effort and trouble writing and you can edit them and add new texts of your choice
- Change a letter, word or text in the whole text at the touch of a button
- Follow texts written automatically and in a distinctive color
- To ensure a good conversion without mistakes it is preferable to speak successively by a difference of one second or half seconds between each word and at a distance of 30 cm from the place of talking in the mobile and when hearing the whistle start talking
- It is preferable to speak and record in a quiet place and in a clear voice.

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