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Explore the Laws of football

Official application from IFAB

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 Explore the Laws of football
This year, the official app from The IFAB is even better! Your feedback has inspired us to roll out new features that make knowing the Laws of the Game much easier. Keep up to date with the latest edition; it is worth it!

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About the app
The newest version of our app allows you to:
- check out the full Laws of the Game on your mobile device, whether offline or online;
- read all recent changes (with explanations);
- find more detailed explanations in the new Q&A section;
- compare this year’s new Laws with previous versions and see what has changed;
- add your own notes and comments, and create favourite chapters; and
- easily switch between languages and/or Laws editions.

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Laws of the Game for everyone
Do you want to become a (better) referee? Are you a player, a coach, or a journalist writing about football? Do you want to check something while watching a match on TV or at a stadium?
It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur, an expert or a die-hard fan, or just curious. If you referee, play, coach or watch football, you have to know the Laws of the Game.

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