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Inshot app best video editor

The inshot app is the best Instagram video editor and photo editor using a dimming background and without chopping or watermark. 
Add music and other effects to YouTube videos.
Merge and shrink videos and their effects!

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Inshot features:
Pro Video Editor
1. Support most video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI,FLV,3GP etc.
2. Combine multiple videos with effects.
3. Video trim, video parts, compression and video conversion.
4. Video editor with text, emoji, stickers and watermark removal.
Video integration
Combine multiple videos with all kinds of effects, and the best video integration.
Video converter
It's easy to convert videos to mp4 format for free.


Cut and trim the video
1. Shrink and cut the video to the length you want.
2. Timeline, easy to sync audio and video.
Video compression
1. Compress the video size with a custom output resolution.
2. HD support.
Pro Photo Editor
1. Unique filters, colorful backgrounds, adjust lightness, contrast, warmth, saturation etc.
2. Rotate, zoom and vice versa
3. Multiple supported ratios, such as 4:5, 2:3, 9:16, 3:4, 1:1.
4. Nice frames
1. Add InShot Music to your video.
2. Adjust the size of the music and fade it at the beginning and end.
3. Video maker and video editor with music.

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Texts & Posters
1. Add subtitles to your videos, many fonts are supported.
2. Add unique texts to create your own watermark.
3. Make stickers and emojis available for photos and videos.
4. Photo Editor and Pro Video Editor.
1. Lots of stylish schemes.
2. Choose different filters for each network.
3. Crop each image as you like.
Blackout limits
1. Blur the background for photos and videos, make free video and convert it.
2. Share your business on social media.

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