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LinkedIn app

LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with others, find things that are important to you in your working life, build and grow your professional network, stay up-to-date with your industry and find the job of your dreams.

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It all starts with a LinkedIn profile that's more than a professional resume - your LinkedIn profile introduces you to the professional world and showcases your professional achievements. 

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Features of the LinkedIn app
• Find people, jobs, companies and groups
• Get updates from others, publishers and companies that help you succeed in your career
• Showcase your skills through a professional profile and build a professional brand
• Your professional profile has been updated anytime, anywhere
• Develop your professional network and stay in touch with people who are important to you
• Communicate with others and review their profiles
• Share articles to build your professional reputation based on your ideas
• Follow companies for job postings, domain updates, and get suggestions to contact people you may know
• You can upgrade your account to LinkedIn Premium from within the app.
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