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Madam magazine
Madam magazine has launched its application with the new version for its readers, offering Arab women and family everything they need in their lives!
Madam's new app is an application that keeps up with the latest new and innovative features used in the world of applications, where the application contains many sections that can be followed according to your interests and added to your personal account to keep you updated with everything new.
Family and community
• Art and celebrities
• Jamal
• Fashion
• Lifestyle
• Health and agility
• Bride
• Ma'am and your child
In addition, you can share the news and articles you love on social media, and you can also watch the latest and newest videos on Madam TV, as well as read the horoscopes daily.
Try your luck to be one of the winners with the Ma'am app in the Surveyors section, and you can test your personality with the various tests available in the app.

download app android

• A personal account to save your interests to keep you up to date with the latest news and articles
• Share your topics through social media
• Watch videos on Sayidaty TV
• Participate in competitions
• Experience tests and see the results.
• Save news or interviews for later reading even without using the Internet.
• Share comments.
• Disclaimer messages to keep you up to date with the latest news and developments.
• Browse the print magazine for free.
• Learn about the top 20 topics that have caught our attention.
• Learn about the most shared and read topics.
• Search service to facilitate your access to the news and the desired information.

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