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Mix two pictures together

Mix two images together - edit ing images

Mix two pictures together
Mix two pictures together
Are you looking for an application to merge images with each other as shown in the pictures here is the program to merge two images with one image is the best solution for you where you can merge two images with one image after you choose your picture and the image you want to mix.

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Two-picture merge app 
Now you can combine photos together, the app will let you create stunning and stunning photos on your phone or tablet! The "Two Images Merge Program" and the collage maker in one app will unleash your creativity in a great feel.


Features of the application to mix two images together
- In the photo integration app, you will find Arabic fonts with fun features that enable you to type your name and your lover's name in a beautiful image.
* Combine more than one image and create a beautiful and beautiful image
*The program of writing pictures in Arabic or English editing and editing pictures and writing on them
*Professional photo editor who will not find it in any photo editing software.
* Add photo stickers or pictures of you as stickers on the image or create a photo from the collection of pictures of you and your friends

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And other features such as: -
- You can add more than one word and more than one face with the app.
- You can share the image on Instagram without any modification it saves the image in square form, and when you share it you do not need to cut or edit it.
- After you have edited your photos save them in very high quality in your device or share them via any of the social media and chat programs.
- Text on the image to put text, you can also write on the image and put emoji
Good photo editor, square emoji photo editor, photo box, clear background.

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