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Paste Photo Editor

Cut paste photo editor

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Paste Photo Editor
Do you want to switch faces without using photo editing software, remove people from photos using cropping images, remove or change the background image, or do you want a joke with your friends? 

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Best photo cutting app
Cut Paste Photo Editor is the best application to cut an image from an image and paste it to the other image.
You can cut a photo object or people and paste them into another image or background without the need for professional photo editing tools. The best tool is to cut, copy and paste pictures.
Photo Cut and Paste app is a seamless photo app;
The Photo Merge app cuts and pasts collage images or family photos by placing an absent person using the app.

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Paste Photo Editor Features
Cut photo paste: Cut the image using raised finger pieces such as heart, circle, oval, rectangle, square and triangle shape.
✔ photo eraser: Wipe any part of the image with the touch of a finger
✔ photo editor: Edit photos using photo drawing, erase, cut, and apply effect such as photo editing software
Cro Photo Cropper: Cut the image in multiple shapes.
✔ Photo-Paint: Paint over an image like a photo editing software mix
✔ Photo Viewer: You can view all your creations in the building photo viewer.
✔ facial images: face in any direction
✔ Filter Photos: Many Blogger Topics To Cut Me In
✔ Photo Collage Editor: Include Photo Collage Editor where you can include it from different sources with Text on Pictures and Draw on Photo Collages.
✔ photo stickers - more than 400 stickers in categories such as emoji stickers, CryJordan, Animal Emoji's, face masks, baby stickers, innovative logo drawings, event posters.
✔ text on images - add text to images with different cut images, text lines, text shading and text colors on collages to convey text messages via collages.

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