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Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike - Shooting Game

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Sniper Strike 
Sniper Strike is a very exciting sniping experience that puts you at the heart of the battle with three different gameplay modes and hundreds of missions.
Experience the highest-rated AAA sniping game like never before for mobile games.
Explore immersive environments, engage in lightning shooting, create super soldiers, and customize the state of their distinctive gear.

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As a team with Wolfe, Jackson and the rest of the strike force when confronting enemies and eliminating the evil regular elite forces, he participated in direct confrontations with friends and took the leaderboard.

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● Eliminate elite leaders and their followers with decisive lethal bullets!
● Make friends with allies to cover up delta team and rescue hostages.
• Find online friends (and enemies as well) and challenge them in direct sniping confrontations!
● Join forces from your clan of friends to finish missions and prepare for a major confrontation with the regular elite forces.
● The more you win, the better you play - upgrade and take part in the toughest and fastest missions that will make you rank on the leaderboard!
Whether you're engaged in direct double sniping encounters against L, freeing hostages with penetration expert Wolfe or fighting to be the last man in the arena mode, you're going to have an epic experience of a first-player shooting game that you won't want to miss!

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