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Adventure Assassin 3D

Commando Adventure Assassin 3D: War Games

Adventure Assassin 3D
Adventure Assassin 3D

Commando Adventure Killer is a real war game that has a really challenging for you to complete your task and the enemy has taken your land and they make their camp and stir up trouble in your country.
You are only the last person left from your force it's your challenge to kill enemies before they kill you and restore your land from the enemy and become a hero.

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They have already got information about your mission and they are ready to kill you the enemy is on alert you do not have enough ammunition you have to steal the enemy weapon and use them and complete your mission to have different types of weapons and the best luck for the mission.

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Commando Adventure Killer is based on an army game which is all about army attacks soldiers that you will get the shooting experience to protect your country from their attacks. Simply from start to finish of the level your mission will be to remain alert to strike enemy strikes and kill them as soon as possible.

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3D Assassin's Adventure Features
• Second person shooting game.
• Difficult task.
• Different types of weapons.
• Use modern radar to locate the enemy.
• Amazing 3D charts.
• It's a completely free game and easy to play.
• Move forward, backward, left or right with joy stick control.
• The environment is an excellent adventure.
• War games without net
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