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Airport for hotel and aviation bookings


The airport is a Saudi travel app that provides citizens of the Kingdom with all travel and aviation services (soon) from booking to the end of the flight. 


The airport provides its users with a comfortable and easy travel experience without any hassle slack terms or concerns about the security and privacy of your data and family's personal data.
We aim to provide you and your family with a happy travel experience in a way that is tailored to our values, principles and heritage.

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Finding the right hotel is easier with the airport:
- Book your flight online in just a few seconds
- Find out more about the airport's ongoing offers and discounts
- Search and compare more than a million hotels around the world
- The app shows the total cost of the trip, so you won't be surprised by any other costs
- The airport covers more than 5,000 destinations around the world
- Easy-to-use arrangement and filtration system by the lowest/highest priced and most popular
- Customer service keen to serve you around the clock
- The app is available in Arabic and English

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At The Airport Company, we are developing and updating the application to stay up-to-date with the latest in the world in order to give our users the experience they dream of in terms of quality, speed and accuracy.

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