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All Formats Video Player 2019

All Formats 2019 Video Player with Media Player

All Formats Video Player 2019
All Formats Video Player 2019

The app will help you watch videos comfortably in high quality, beyond the limits of a normal video player, our app gives you an endless experience.
The app supports many video formats, screen lock makes watching videos uninterrupted, and helps you temporarily not consume the battery ...

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All Formats Video Player App Features 2019
πŸ‘‰ automatically submit a list of videos in your phone
πŸ‘‰ changing the speed of video
πŸ‘‰ watch the video with subtitles
πŸ‘‰ to stop watching the video
πŸ‘‰ lock the screen
πŸ‘‰ zoom in/out of video
video recycling πŸ‘‰
πŸ‘‰ eye protection with night mode
video sharing πŸ‘‰
video πŸ‘‰ deleted
πŸ‘‰ renaming the video.

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