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An epic journey

An epic journey around the world hidden objects

An epic journey
An epic journey

Take your bag and get ready for the best trip of your life! A fantastic adventure awaits you - download "Epic Journey Around the World Hidden Objects" one of the best hidden object games for free and enjoy the journey. 
But you are not an ordinary traveller who travels from one country to another to enjoy sightseeing. 
You are a spy on a secret mission to get around the floor and choose the lost artifacts. As an undercover agent aiming to prevent terrorist attacks in the world's most famous cities, you need to focus and show off your skills. 
Why "Epic Journey Around the WorldHidden Things"!
Find hidden items in the cities of the world!
Get ready for the wonders of the escape world!
Challenge your mind and focus!
Try the features for phones and tablets!
Find hidden clues and escape from the city!
The best search game to relax and have fun!

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