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Bazz Platform

The Arab Social Networking Platform offers users a safe space to express themselves, to create content relevant to our Arab culture, to communicate with Arabs who share their thinking, concerns and aspirations, to get to know the owners of ideas and businesses, and to follow the trends and the latest innovations.

Arab Social Media Platform

Buzz enables influencers to choose what is authentic by encouraging them to create original content that reflects their identity, and encourages users to belong to their culture by displaying content and services that mimic their passion for their native language.

The basic features of bazz platform

- An independent social networking platform
- You can build your page and your community how you like
- You can network more than 150 social networks on your account
- Post what you want on all your pages from one place
- Add discussions with your network and share today's most important stories
- You can create groups based on your interests, choose group privacy, and invite your friends and community to publish, communicate and interact within the group.

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