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Children's transport cars

Children's transport vehicles app

Children's transport cars
Children's transport cars

A new game of learning transportation for children! Your child learns what types of vehicles exist as well as toys such as toddler educational games such as composite toys or car toys to fix the knowledge received.

The main advantages of children's transport cars

- Play our transport games and your child will learn that there are 3 types of transport vehicles - flying machines that move in the air, land or land vehicles that move on roads or railways, and water vehicles that people use to cross rivers, seas and oceans.
- Our educational child games will offer 15 types of vehicles - airplane, helicopter, bus, motorcycle, boat, children's cars (or baby cars), ship, train, rocket, submarine, truck, even with an air balloon and some others.
- Pronounce names in the voice of the original speaker clear which is very important for all applications.

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