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FPS shooting

New FPS Shooting Rifle

FPS shooting
FPS shooting

The new free shooting game will play as a major soldier in the new action game 2020. 
The challenging and exciting fps launch missions in this shooting game make the action game one of the best 2020 action games.

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Free features:
Free to play shooting game
Tons of exciting shooting and sniping missions
A wide range of modern weapons (sniper and assault)
Easy and intuitive gun control shooting
AI-based enemy progress: the real challenge
Interactive and environmental-themed work
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Playing the addictive game and modern weapons of this shooting game will make your free time exciting.
You are a commando soldier and it is your duty to shoot all the gangsters, mafia bosses and enemy soldiers.
FPS shooting game includes a collection of deadly weapons, modern weapons, battle arsenal and much more, you are an experienced soldier in training commandos of the army and elite, so come to the front line and lead the fighting.
You have many modern and modern shooting skills equipped in this new game and you have to show yourself that you are a modern commando in the world, in the history of free games is considered this shooting game the best fps game for you.

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