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Invasion of Death

Invasion of Death: Survival

Invasion of Death
Invasion of Death

This is a small town occupied by death, you'll easily get a zombie. Just arm yourself and escape from the city!
Stupid kindness because the zombies here have lost their basic feelings what you need to do is renew your physical strength in time and not stop fighting fighting is the only option!

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There are many survivors in this city although you are not a savior, you may need to help them to escape from this city and find survivors and form a squad to fight side by side.

In order to survive, food, weapons, fuel and generators are indispensable however, these basic resources are often left in dangerous places that need to support your teammates so they have enough time to open the door.
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Features of the game:
HD Battle Scene
Dialogue is a true story.
Rich gear system
Great job.
TPS game is free-to-air.

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