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Osaka Travel Guide

Osaka Travel 

Osaka Travel Guide
Osaka Travel Guide

Osaka Travel Guide is the perfect companion for your free-to-me trip today and is a 100% free travel guide that supports more than 14 languages.
The itinerary has the best activities and high-rated tours that we offer you the possibility to book immediately.

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Features of the Travel Guide app
Daily itineraries - day walks - sightseeing in the city. Ride and disembark and many other things.
Street maps and public transport. Subways, metros, trains.
The best attractions include:
✓ Osaka Castle
✓ Shitennō-ji
✓ Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
✓ Tempozan Ferris Wheel
✓ Amerikamura
✓ National Museum of Art
✓ Osaka Science Museum
✓ Umeda Sky Building
✓ Universal Studios Japan
✓ Shinsaibashi
✓ Sumiyoshi-taisha
✓ Utsubo Park
✓ Isshin-ji
✓ Sumiyoshi-zukuri

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