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Police Racer

Police Motorcycle Racer

Police Racer
Police Racer

Do you like speeding? Get ready to jump on some police motorcycles as you glow through the city streets and jump acrobatics off huge cliffs! Get all the excitement and excitement here, explore the huge open world from here for free!

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Be the newest member of the training to test the latest line of police motorcycles. Fast, agile, and equipped with ultra-powerful nitro speed boosters, test driving as long as you want. With an interactive environment, smash and bump into a lot of things in the world.
Police Racer Features
- An enormous open world, explore off the road, in the city, airport or mountains!
- Raj Dole Natures, hit your bike and watch the bike fly
- Control realistic simulator for driving a motorcycle
- Easy game control, choose between touch or tilt control
- Reach the speed limit with powerful nitro boosters
- Choose from a great selection of official police motorcycles
- Dynamic police lights and sounds
Watch out for a collision in high speed obstacles, you'll end up falling off the bike, using real-time Raj Dole naturals.

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