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Saudi Travel App

Saudi Arabia App

Saudi Travel App
Saudi Travel App

The app offers unique services to cavalry and guests to browse membership information, miles balance and previous flights, as well as booking flights, booking, checking in and issuing boarding passes.

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Features of the Saudi App
Knights Loyalty Program
- Add bookings made for the application automatically
- Quickly create a knighthood while booking flights
- Browse, edit and save your profile
- Review miles, rewards and previous trips
Book flights
- Choose flights in a simple way in easy steps
- All passenger data is quickly and securely recovered from official government records
- Pay by mada credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or SR SR
- Identify and enter credit card data by capturing it securely


Additional services
- Choose the preferred seat for a small fee
- Access to Wi-Fi vouchers for use on Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft for international and domestic flights
- Purchase of prepaid extra bags during or after booking flights
Browse digital publications and electronic newspapers
- Check-in up to 60 minutes before departure
- Choose your preferred seat during check-in

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My reservations.
- Browse your pre-arranged bookings from Saudi offices or your travel agent for offline storage
Flight information
- Scheduled flight information and details can be reviewed
- We will send notices of new services and the latest offers.

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