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War of Death

War of Death: Killing zombies

War of Death
War of Death

The world is filled with zombies, and tens of billions of dead are destroying the earth nonstop. Let's join the battle and become a legend!

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Advantages of the death war game:
Zombie Kill is a powerful zombie servaifel game with lots of features:
Best FPS with many types of characters
Shooters are classified into different categories with unique skills and shooting rifles.
Each category can use one type of weapon and is more effective against zombies.
The characters have levels and stars.
A lot of zombies.
Zombies are dangerous and have many types of behaviors and abilities.
Bosses look like giants, and they can kidnap any creatures close to them and call other zombies.
There are always new types of zombies, which appear in new survival locations.

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Powerful weapons.
Many types of weapon can be seen in 3D.
Firearms can be customized and upgraded in different parts
All types of firearms can be found randomly in the world of war.
Choosing the right firearms can help you kill zombies faster.
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