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FIFA Football

FIFA Football Game

FIFA Football
FIFA Football
Build your own team or play your favorite team for the first time as you face your friends or other major teams in the exciting football atmosphere of FIFA Football.

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Choose from your favorite leagues and teams with more than 50,000 players, including:
English League
La Liga
American League
Serie A
French League.

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🏆 Champions League 🏆
Play against teams from some of the most prominent club competitions in football, the Champions League or the Europa League, and participate in live events that can be played and related to real-life competitions throughout the season to win special players from UCL and UEL and then follow every step, from the group stage to the Champions League final.
⚽ ⚽ Football Legends
Add your personal mark in ball history writing! The son is a team of football legends with a hundred spherical icons from Billy and Zidane down to Maradona and Paolo Maldini.

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