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Travel Buddy

Find friends traveling around the world

Travel Buddy
Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy is a social travel app, an opportunity to find friends around the world, visit where your dreams are and find a local travel partner or guide while traveling. 
If you're planning to travel, Travel Buddy can find someone who's traveling with you on a similar itinerary.

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The best travel apps around the world
- Download and register for travel Buddy.
- Complete your detailed profile, add your next trips and find a travel friend who seems best for your next tour
- Connect with new travellers from your location or anywhere around the world.
- Travel the world - discover wherever to travel, pack and go explore it with them.
- See photos of your fellow passengers and ask about the destination.
- Chat with travel colleagues, get to know someone to travel, travel with, and give the best reviews and reviews.
- Get to know your travel buddies on your journey, upload your photos from cafes and bars and make memories.

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- Social news to post travel photos, videos, stories or tips.
- Travel Connect: Many local travel offers, tours and activities.
- Meetings
Organizing or discovering meetings or events in the travel community, etc.
- Looks like a "coach service" without a "coach", or any kind of private meeting.
- Plan a trip with others, shop, go out, eat, explore beaches or natural trails or just go out.
- Visit the destinations of your dreams and get company on your adventures wherever you are.
- Find your colleagues traveling in backpacks, caves, excursions, an upcoming business trip, a conference or meet new friends for a short vacation.
- A forum for travelers to help each other, where you can ask a question and get travel tips for your next trip.

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