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English for children

Teaching English for children

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English for children
A program that helps children gain interesting knowledge and concepts and train them in proper linguistic pronunciation, learning English for children with voice, images and without the Internet.
Linguistically, this programme refines the child's language, helps him to speak and perform correctly and increases his linguistic and cognitive dictionary.

The best educational applications

An educational program (100%) without the need for the Internet after downloading it, helps your child learn letters and numbers in writing and how to pronounce them while giving examples of words that include the letters mentioned with the images to ensure that your child learns in an easy and enjoyable way.

English Learning Program for Children

The English learning program for children includes a variety of activities that seek to develop various basic skills to learn English reading and writing, animal and fruit names, mathematics, numbers, colors, seasons of the year, weekdays and months of the year, the child learns all this in a fun and interesting atmosphere, in which he integrates, gaining knowledge directly from his sensory life.

Learning letters and learning numbers for young people helps teach your child to pronounce and write letters in a fun and smooth way, as well as learning how to write and promise numbers with ease. The letter and number education program for children will solve your children's problems in learning English grammar for children in particular and the basics of learning in general.

A child's linguistic development develops rapidly, as language is a necessity of communication, and it is essential to take advantage of this opportunity, so that the child can acquire a great deal of words, expressions and concepts that enrich his stock.

You should work to provoke and excite the child in the pre-school stage where the focus period is short using the application of letters and numbers in different languages, which includes activities that attract his attention, attract him to follow, and help him focus.

As mentioned above, we see ourselves faced with a task that helps achieve the goal of every mother and father who aspires to learn his child and with the download of this integrated program for pre-school children will achieve this goal.

Features of the English application for children

Helps establish basic learning rules at a young age.
Teach letters and numbers to children that are a learning essential for your child.
Learn letters and numbers in English for children with audio and images, to help your child know how to assemble words and write them in spelling letters correctly
An easy and colorful app that will attract your child to learn and study smoothly and enjoyably
Combines the way numbers are distinguished and written easily and without complexity, as well as the distinctive and enjoyable way of learning your child's English letters and how to collect and write words.
The possibility of repeating letters and numbers to help your child learn easily
Use hand and finger movement to help your child learn accounting and counting technology
Teaching the pronunciation of English letters and how to write them properly and clearly
Teaching the pronunciation of English numbers and how to write them properly and clearly
Teaching the names of animals and fruits with pictures and how to pronounce and write them
Teach the child to count from 1 to 10
Teaching letters through images and shapes
Teaching letters and numbers in English through children's songs and songs.

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