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Islamic Culture Competition

Application of the Islamic Culture Competition

The first historical religious cultural cognitive game is new and entertaining to increase the level of culture and Ramadan pleasure, challenge yourself and friends in an entertaining way.

Best application for cultural competitions

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Islamic Culture Competition

Game puzzles and religious questions that entertain and benefit the human and useful and fun answers for the smart and to increase your culture in an entertaining and enjoyable way

Play, benefit and challenge friends and add a lot of cultural, scientific and religious information to your mind at the same time.

The game contains dozens of multi-difficulty levels that are very easy to average for the hard.

You must answer questions to reach the number of points that qualify you to open the next level and so on with a large number of cultural questions and evolution in the levels.

In each level you will get diverse, useful, non-recurring and wonderful questions.

Features of the Islamic Culture Competition

1- Add hundreds of questions
2- Update periodically every day new questions and valuable information
3. The question system is gradually easier to harder
4- level each level is different in difficulty 
5- Questions in various scientific, cultural, sports, religious and historical fields
6- Great design, attractive and comfortable for the eye
7- If you answer all the questions correctly at the end of each level you will receive an award and a medal
8- Beautiful sound effects
9- Compatible with all devices and screen sizes
10- You can play without internet - Ofline -

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